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April 7-9, 2017 - Ashville, North Carolina – 3 days of sharing workshop teaching with Wendy Arbuckle at her new home/studio in Asheville. Mary Bowen and Wendy titled their combined workshops "A Journey to Wholeness: Continuing to grow as a Pilates practitioner as you are growing in your own journey to your whole Self"! Michael and Wendy have bought a beautiful piece of property in Asheville where they now live. The April workshops were a baptism for their new home and studio there. They will continue to maintain the Pilates Center of Austin as well.

June 1-5 - Fribourg, Switzerland for Iva Mazzoleni, 4 days of Pilates Plus Psyche Privates with Mary 3-6 hours each, June 1,2,4,5 (Thurs., Fri, Sun, Mon). On Saturday, June 3, Mary presents a full day workshop on "Breathing for Life" drawing on her 58 years of both Pilates Plus Psyche. (Mary is a Jungian psychoanalyst - 47 years in practice as well as the most senior Pilates Elder, 42 years teaching Pilates).

June 25  - Westport, Connecticut - Sunday at Fran Hoyt's Pilates Saugatuck Studio, 17 Bridge Square. Phone: 203-807-8160. Mary will offer by request "Are You Dreaming?"

July 14-15 - Walpole, Maine with Tom Myers. This is Tom and Mary's first time teaching together. The subject: "The Search for Wholeness - Moving into the Moment." Mary brings Pilates Plus Psyche, addressing both the conscious and the unconscious and Tom brings his world of fascia & Anatomy Trains. Address: 318 Clarks Cove Road, Walpole, Maine 04573. Phone: 888-546-3747. Be ready to laugh!

August 10-13 - Los Angeles, California for Jillian Hessel, Risa Sheppard, and Cheryl Montelle. Thursday and early Friday Mary will offer a variety of private hour and a half sessions: Pilates Only - Psyche Only - Pilates Plus Psyche. Mary is not only Pilates' most senior Pilates Elder (58 years living Pilates, 42 years teaching it) she is also a Jungian psychoanalyst, 47 years and ongoing. Since 1995 her two specialties combined in her approach to engage the whole person, the conscious and the unconscious in Pilates work which has become her signature contribution to the Pilates worldwide community: "PILATES PLUS PSYCHE."

- Friday evening, August 11th at Jillian's lovely home will be "An Evening with Mary Bowen and the History of Pilates." Jillian's phone: 310-246-0082.

- Both Saturday's and Sunday's workshops will be held at Risa Sheppard's studio. 2180 Westwood Blvd. L.A., 90025. Phone: 310-470-2828.

- Saturday, the 12th Mary will offer a full day workshop on "Lifelong Pilates and the Body" teaching Mary's 58 year evolution in Pilates practice (i.e. each participant's journey to Breath - curtailing the mind's grip on the body - finding and releasing the natural animal that each of us is - and daring to allow and foster your own creativity.

- Sunday, the 13th Mary will present "Pilates Plus Psyche." It is more than just a body that comes in for a lesson. Both the client who comes in and the teacher who stands there are complicated persons. Mary will describe for you the enormous help and understanding that Jungian Typology can bring to both teacher and client in the teaching and learning of Pilates.

September 25-27 - Minneapolis, Minnesota for Nancy Anderson of Centerspace Pilates, 3208 Irving Avenue and Jill Dupslaff. In a return engagement after 5 years Mary will offer "An Evening with Mary Bowen and the History of Pilates," 2 days of workshops and as many privates as are possible. Phone: 612-822-4776.

Oct. 25-28 - Indian Wells, CA - PMA's 17th Annual Conference Wednesday, October 25th for the Pre-Conference Mary will offer a 4 hour workshop on "Pilates and Your Creativity" and Thursday, the 25th for the regular conference 2 hours for this year's original subject for "Pilates Plus Psyche: Your HEAD in Pilates." Location: Renaissance Indian Wells Resort Spa in Indian Wells, California (Palm Springs). Phone: 760-773-4494.

Dec 1-2 – New York City, NY – Power Pilates for Ali Matlock. Mary will spend two full days with the teachers of Power Pilates, giving some privates, duos, small workshops and a seminar on “How knowing typology, your own and your clients, can change and help your Pilates clients and your teaching..


May 10-13 - Seville, Spain - The Second International Pilates Conference in Seville hosted by Jose Manuel Rodriguez Osto and Oscar Cordo Fernandez.

Mary will present two three hour sessions each day for four days, beginning with a full day for the other presenters on Thursday, May 10 before the official opening of the conference on the 11th. Friday evening the 11th she will address the whole conference with "An Evening with Mary Bowen and the History of Pilates." (3 cecs for attendance). That Friday morning she will present "The Troubles with our Breathing." Saturday will be all on the Body: More partnership with the Body/Less Control - More Spine/Less Mind - More Release/Less Effort - how differently and how much better Pilates is taught now than back in the time of Joe and many of his followers, but always with gratitude for Joe and Clara's gift to all of us. On Sunday Mary will teach her singular contribution to the Pilates community, Pilates Plus Psyche: the practical importance and usefulness of understanding Jungian Typology in the practice and teaching of Pilates. Knowing for oneself and for one's client what will be easy and what will be difficult (and often impossible in relationship to one's age or stage of development) to teach. How to digest these limitations in ourselves and our clients to comprehend that we grow through our weaknesses, not through our strengths.

2016 Workshops:

Aug. 25-28, 2016Forestburg, NY, Catskill Mountains - TARU Festival – Pilates, Yoga, Dance with Bianca Velez.
Sept. 23-25, 2016 - Melbourne, Australia - Australian Pilates Method Association. Mary presented 12 hours of workshops over 3 days
Oct. 27-30, 2016 - Phoenix, Arizona, PMA - Mary presented 2 workshops. A pre-conference on 10/27, 4 hours, on the “Cadillac, the Best Massage Tool Ever” and on 10/28 for the main conference “Pilates Plus Psyche: Chronic Tension in Pilates.”
Dec. 8,9,10, 12, 13, 2016Dubai - Mary presented a special “Evening with Mary Bowen and the History of Pilates” plus two full days, one day on the Spine and Breathing (Friday) and Pilates Plus Psyche for Saturday, Jungian Typology and its practical helpfulness in teaching and/or learning Pilates.

Some recent events and awards:

BBC World Service – Sporting Witness
BBC world service logo
Nine minute radio interview with Mary about
her early days with Joe Pilates in New York City

Deborah Lessen Award
"Presented to MARY BOWEN in recognition of your outstanding service and dedication to the Pilates Method Alliance."
Nov. 5, 2015 –Denver, Colorado
PMA Pilates Method Alliance

Certificate of Merit
Certificate of Merit
PIA - Pilates in Asia – 2015
Awarded to Mary Bowen
Representative of Pilates in Asia

20th Anniversary Award of Appreciation
20th Anniversary Award of Appreciation
BCP, Body Control Pilates in London
Body Control
"As we celebrate our 20th Anniversary, Body Control Pilates expresses its sincerest appreciation to MARY BOWEN in recognition of your immeasurable contribution to the development of a global recognition for Pilates, something Joe could only have dreamt of.

Your work, passion and commitment have provided an inspiration to Body Control Pilates teachers and students throughout the world. We thank you!"

Lynne Robinson
Founder and Director
September 26th 2015, London

Learn about the ultimate mind body connection - “Pilates Plus Psyche"

“Mary is the most senior Pilates Elder and Master Teacher who knew and studied with Joseph Pilates and Clara”