(To begin in 2010)

New now is a Mentoring Program with BBU (Balanced Body University) called PASSING THE TORCH. I have agreed to join as one of the Senior Mentoring Teachers.

Because I work out of my home, I cannot take on a large group of 8 or more at one time. Instead I am offering two groups of 4 for 6 weekends each group (Fri, Sat, Sun, 18 hours a weekend) over a period of one and a half years. The same 4 teachers will share in depth over time with each other having projects, doing case studies and/or whatever comes creatively out of each of the 4 participants and the group. I have set the courses which will act as a chart and we will sail from there. It ought to be good solid challenging work and fun!

The participants will all be experienced Pilates teachers looking for more - looking for further dimensions to their work and to the sharing of it with other experienced Pilates teachers. And choosing to learn and share deeply in the experience of their chosen mentor.

For MORE INFORMATION: I.E Cost and the dates of the weekends

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