"It's wonderfull how the square stool teaches the body to sit 'up' into correct posture"

"We all ought to be sitting on square stools for better posture. No slouching or slumping with this stool. Sit 'up' off your sit bones and see the difference it makes to your posture and energy."
-- Mary Bowen

This square stool provides a better way to teach and experience proper sitting for:
+ Clients
+ Teachers
+ Studio or home

Sitting with a corner of the stool between your legs you sit 'up' off your sit bones, not on your hamstrings -- this was Mary's inspiration for the stool's development.

You will find quick access to the natural lift of your spine out of your core muscles.

The square stool is better for many exercises, especially new stretching exercises (using springs) which Mary recently developed.

The stools can be custom made -- if you prefer a special color or fabric to match your studios equipment let me know -- you can also provide the fabric for your stool.

The stool's cost is $99
Shipping is $20 within the continental U.S. and Alaska

To order or for information:

"Mary Bowen's Sturdy Square Studio Stool" is Patent Pending