Intensives came about to make time for a deeper pursuit and discovery of what is “more” for teachers of Pilates. And sometimes for advanced students. More for the body and for the whole psyche. More time to think, to feel, to intuit, to sense and more forms to try. More to understand – imagine - more to open and more to release. Intensives are a gift to oneself for a deeper journey!

My Intensives have been envisioned as 1-1, offered and directed to a single individual at a time for 3-6-9 or even 15 hours over one to three days.

However, at the request of teachers who can’t afford to come for themselves alone I am being asked to extend Intensives to studios in my working area of Greater NYC, eastern Connecticut and western Massachusetts. A focus of 3-6 hours or more can be addressed to any subject or problem that a group of teachers chooses. Clients may be included.

For studio Intensives I would travel to your location if you are within the geographical area of my tri-state working week.

Pilates Only
involves the entire Pilates repertoire and the teaching of it.
2. Pilates Plus Psyche
extends beyond the Pilates repertoire to a full range of psychological considerations, both personal and professional, using Jungian typology as a practical tool for understanding how differently we learn and/or teach depending upon our psychological type.
3. Psyche Only
involves analytical work dealing with one’s conscious and unconscious psyche. These sessions can be in person at any of my 3 locations or by long distance phone calls.

An Intensive falling into any of the categories above, or more, can take place at either of my two fully equipped Lifelong Pilates Studios in Northampton, Massachusetts and/or in Killingworth, Connecticut.

Psyche Only is also offered at my studio/office in New York City. (There is no Mary Bowen Lifelong Pilates studio in the city).

How would I describe the experience of an intensive?

For me it is a joyful leap together into Pilates, personal material and everything that comes up to be worked on. I find it a gratifying way to teach and learn to know you, going as deeply as we can in the time that we have, knowing that much of what is new from our experience together will travel back with you to be shared with others at your end.