2 Mentoring Groups with BBU are now forming

Mentoring for teachers is and has been a large part of my Pilates work for many years. In my own studio YOUR OWN GYM I chose to train teachers 1-1. After a time period of setting up teacher training groups, with the help of the YOUR OWN GYM teachers, I chose not to establish a set training program under my name. This was a personal choice. I prefer to put the emphasis on the creative process, on whatever “new” can manifest through myself and others, rather than on a repetitive program. I chose to follow the inner journey rather than the outer way of learning and becoming. I make no judgment that one is better than the other. Each is as valuable as the other. What is important, however, is to find and follow one’s own way. Joe and Clara Pilates gave us a firm safe fundamental ediface and foundation for our bodies and our imaginations to work from. Their work and the variations that spring from it are non-ending.

I often hear from a client of long standing, or a teacher living far away that I can see only occasionally – “You’re my mentor.” After 51 years with Pilates, with weekly lessons all of that time for myself and 35 years of teaching Pilates as of 2009, I suppose that is a natural thing to hear and appreciate. 1-1 Intensives allow for the deepest mentoring (3-6-9 or even 15 hours with a person), but even standing, teaching and demonstrating in front of a workshop group of 9-150 can be a mentoring as well – by one’s example.

It is my aim to help each teacher to find more freedom and imagination in the exploring and discovering of his or her own uniqueness. There is nothing airy-fairy in this. Quite the opposite, I call each individual to find the deepest grounding. Many will find it in the body, some in being able to access ideas, others in knowing and feeling the value of what they are doing, finding a passion for it, and still others in the daring and wonder of following intuitions which seem to come from nowhere.

It was through intuitiveness that Joe created and yet he was not intuitive in his relationship with us, his students. Joe was a Sensate/Thinker. He just WAS. He didn’t look or think beyond himself. We were invited and expected to grow off of what he was and had created. And we did. Even though it was after his death (through several teachers who had learned with him who never wavered in the value of his work and through the magic of modern marketing) that his and Clara’s life work was fully appreciated, it was Joe’s absolute commitment (whether he was dead or alive) to what he created and believed in that probably was the deepest assurance that the Pilates Method would enter into the larger world.

(To begin in 2010)