Mary is offering a new course to individual studios and teacher training programs called “Psy- chological Dimensions of Teaching Pilates.” In the course she will teach the relevance of us- ing Typology as a significant and practical teaching tool for the understanding of one’s cli- ent and oneself. Mary will offer teaching guidance in how differently we need to work with a client depending upon his or her type. Typology reaches deep into all areas: into pace, design of lessons, description of exercises, expectations of the teacher, how to challenge a client, un- derstanding and solving of personality problems and the numerous difficulties a teach er may have with certain clients. The course is envisioned taking place in a two to three day week- end. Its length can vary depending upon circumstance. Should a teacher have psychological is- sues around Pilates more pressing than ‘teaching to type,’ these issues can also be addressed.

Mary Bowen is one of our Esteemed First Generation Teachers who is still teaching in her two studios in Killingworth, CT and Northampton, MA. She is also a Mentor with BBU’s PASSING THE TORCH program. She presents at conferences here and abroad (each year at PMA’S Annual Conference – Mary is one of its Founders), and visits and teaches at individual studios and groups in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Japan.

Living the Pilates Method for 53 years, Mary began in 1959 studying with Joe and Clara for six and a half years twice a week, followed by 7 years with Bob Seed, 7 years with Romana, 7 years with Kathy Grant, 5 years until his death with Bruce King concurrent with 7 years with Jean Claude West (to whom she had originally taught Pilates in her studioYOUROWNGYMinNorthampton)andsince1995withChristine Wright, all in NYC. For 53 years Mary has taken her own private lessons, a large reason she attributes to being still vigorous and fresh in the work at 81.

Also a Jungian psychoanalyst, Mary integrates work with the psyche with work with the body and since 2001 has called this combined approach PILATES PLUS PSYCHE. Joe addressed the whole body in every movement. Mary adds to that the whole person, conscious and unconscious. “The client is not only a body. A whole human being stands before you to be taught. Learning your client’s and your own type will expand your understanding and help you to better teach that whole human being while helping yourself as well.”