Joseph Pilates addressed the whole body in each exercise. I have added the whole psyche to the whole body. Hence Pilates Plus Psyche.

I offer Pilates Plus Psyche for diagnosing, deepening and challenging those of you Pilates teachers, advanced students or other professionals who have a yearning to delve into more about yourselves and your clients. Pilates Plus Psyche can also be for a beginner with a need and talent to work deeper. If you are a professional psychotherapist (counselor, psychologist, psychoanalyst) who would like to add fundamental body work to what you already practice, feel welcome to come in through that door. The Pilates Method is an ideal resource for an overall body/mind health program.

Pilates Plus Psyche extends Pilates work to engagement with the unconscious. A practical tool for working with the unconscious is Jungian typology, learning our psyche's structure - understanding which 2 of the ways of knowing and experiencing out of 4, thinking, feeling, sensing & intuiting (which Carl Jung called functions) are conscious in us and available and which 2 are in the unconscious and full of difficulties. Realizing our own type and our individual client's type gives us a blueprint to determine which teaching approach is best.

The workshops I offer for studios and conferences always include at least 3 hours of Pilates Plus Psyche if not a daylong 6 hours. I have found a deep interest, even a hunger, for better understanding of the impact of our psyches, where pit-falls due to our psychology lie- i.e. in us as individuals, as teachers, in teacher/client relationships and in relationships among staff members of a studio. Pilates Plus Psyche is a combination of the two towards a more practical realization and integration of the effect of our psyches on the teaching and practice of Pilates.

A client, studio or conference can request: 1) Pilates Only 2) Psyche Only or 3) Pilates Plus Psyche.

A New Offering has taken shape to give a 3 hour or sometimes 6 hour Intensive or Mini-Workshop at studios in the vicinity of my tri-state working area: Greater NYC, Eastern Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. These events are organized i.e. around 5-10 Pilates teachers who have studios in the area choosing one for me to come to - or one or two studios sometimes combining teachers and clients. The emphasis or subject matter can be either left up to me once I’m there and in relationship with the group - or it can be the decided choice of each presenting group, determined by their own interests, problems and needs.

At the PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) Annual Conference (each year since its founding) I present a different subject under the heading of Pilates Plus Psyche. For anyone interested, there are a few videos from the earlier years and audios from the remaining years available for purchase from the PMA.