Firstly, feel welcome! While giving a lesson to a lovely lady in her 60’s who is in mental health work, she asked me “Why would you, with all your experience and background want to be working with me? I would think you would be teaching all teachers.” I answered her “I do work with many teachers, but why wouldn’t I want to be working with someone as lovely and good to be with as you?” She thanked me and accepted that. And it was true! Pilates is for everyone!

I am an inclusive, not exclusive, person. I am happy to meet and work with all of you who are really serious about wanting to learn and feel better in your relationships with your bodies. I don’t have to sell Pilates any more, but I am happy to share what I know and have experienced of it with any of you.

How could we meet? This web-site is a good start for you to meet me! Next, I need to meet you! There is email:
There are phones: CT: 860-663-2111 (Sun,Mon,Thurs)
MA: 413-586-0743 (Fri,Sat)
NYC: 212-580-3733 (Tues.nite,Wed morn)

Private Pilates sessions and Private Pilates Plus Psyche sessions can take place in my studios in either Northampton, MA or in Killingworth, CT

Private Psyche Only sessions can take place, as above, in either MA or CT but also in my office/studio in NYC. Or over the telephone, which is a very workable way for us to work on psychological matters.

At the above locations you would be coming to see me! As well, private individual sessions can be my coming to your locations.

- Either as part of a three-four day workshop at your studios (national or international locations where I usually offer one and a half days of privates and two days of 6 hour workshops).
- 3 privates sessions in a half-day at your studio if you are located in the tri-state area of my weekly work schedule: Greater NYC, eastern shoreline CT or western MA
- Or it could be for one, two or more days of all privates at your location with maybe one in-house workshop (I am being asked to provide this in Provincetown, MA).

There are ways.