Killingworth, Connecticut

Fully equipped Pilates studio, specializing in Intensives, Mentoring for teachers and 1-1 private individual sessions

The Studio’s History:
Since the mid -1980’s I have had a rustic Pilates studio at my main home in Killingworth , CT. It had been my husband’s tool house. He graciously gave it over to me. I needed a studio for myself. There was no intention of extending this intimate small space beyond my own use of it.

As it turned out, word of its existence traveled somehow and I have been lucky to find time to work out for myself. This is not an unusual struggle for a successful Pilates teacher. Fight for your own time. Find an excellent teacher to guide you in your own process and development. This is number one! And difficult to accomplish! All of us who teach Pilates over the years understand that we need to continually work towards being fairer to ourselves - to our own bodies.

I have been traveling back and forth between domiciles in three states every week since 1975. Since 1959 I had been going between Connecticut and New York City weekly, returning home the same day. In 1975 I found a studio apartment that allowed me to see analytical clients in the city. Several of them had been hoping for me to have a place in the city. I seem to follow where the request from others leads me. Into theatre, into becoming a Jungian analyst and into teaching Pilates. I’ve been happily doing my own work, going into such depth with it over years that it attracts others who ask me for help in doing the same kind of deep work for themselves. So began what became my two main professional life pursuits, Jungian analytical psychology and Pilates. Northampton opened when analytical clients coming down to Connecticut offered up a space in Northampton that was too good to resist. That created the weekly travel triangle: CT, MA & NYC.

It has been many years of back and forth each week between the 3 states. Like a well trained hamster I just do it. As well as going off nationally and internationally to give workshops. Life is interesting how it develops, creatively for me, never from intention.

So far so good! I have the energy, spirit and curiosity of the cat. I love people, the teaching, helping others and sharing experiences which keeps it all going.

However, looming along our driveway here in Connecticut is a “begun building.” Quite large. sufficient for a sizeable studio with a room above that could be used for groups and for workshop gatherings. Eventually in these next 10 years I do anticipate – possibly – needing to stay more in one place. This “begun building” may emerge as the main location for my work.

Until then, it’s New York City for the psyche and my own lessons, Killingworth and Northampton for either/or or both/and Pilates and Psyche work. And the phone and computer for outreach anywhere.