169 Prospect St.
Northampton, MA
Tel: 413-586-0743
Fully equipped Pilates studio, specializing in
Intensives 1-1, Mentoring for teachers 1-1
(or in small groups with BBU) plus private
individual sessions

Brief History:
Since 2007 Mary has returned to an intimate home studio - as she had begun in 1975 with two rooms
behind her analytic office. She set up that little studio for herself with no intention to teach others. Her analytic clients passed the machines again and again going in and out of the bathroom. They kept asking “What do you do on these? Can you show us?” Mary spoke to Romana, with whom she was studying at the time, about her clients’ enthusiasm. Romana affirmed Mary’s teaching them as long as she made up her own name and said that what she taught was “based on the Pilates Method.” That was the beginning of the non-profit YOUR OWN GYM which lasted for 32 years, the longest standing studio for Pilates in New England. In 1981 she moved and enlarged her studio (all built by her husband, Alec Martin) into a reconstituted department store. The huge building was now called THORNES and for the next 27 years on the airy spacious top floor was Mary’s studio for Pilates. YOUR OWN GYM had a staff of teachers, many barterers for lessons, 2 massage rooms, 2 saunas, and two large dressing rooms until the building was sold to developers in 2006.

When she began to teach Pilates, Mary had studied sixteen years: six and a half years twice a week with Joe, Clara and Hanna, followed by 7 years with Bob Seed and was into her 4th year out of 7 with Romana. It was understood at that time that teaching the Pilates Method required at least 10 years of doing it for oneself. In 1975 Mary was also into her sixteenth year of weekly Pilates lessons for herself – a habit and privilege which she has continued counting up to 50 years of weekly lessons now in 2009 and ongoing. “I consider it one of the smartest things I’ve ever done – to take my own weekly Pilates lesson for myself, always with the eyes of a gifted teacher to guide me onwards. It has insured that I have never stopped the process of opening into my body and becoming more at one and in harmony with it.”

“In my new personal space at home I have the studio in two sunny rooms. Instead of the two or three of everything as was so in the larger studio, there is one of each piece of equipment plus a gorgeous ladder up one wall. It all fit in amazingly well, and I’m very happy with it. Northampton days for analytic and Pilates clients (or both at the same time for Pilates Plus Psyche) are every Friday and Saturday. When the “Passing the Torch Group Mentoring Program” with Balanced Body University (BBU) starts, weekends in Northampton will extend to 3 days, Friday through Sunday.”