Mentoring with Mary for Teachers - ready for a reboot?

Mary and her husband Alec Martin with their two Westies in Mary's private studio where she sometimes mentors teachers.

Where are you in your life? Where are you in your Pilates?

The Journey toward Mastery: knowledge, experience and wisdom all contribute to the evolution of a teacher to a level of Mastery. Observe a master at work as Mary initiates a workout with a client in real time. Observe closely as sequencing, variations, cues, images and touches all meld together to bring out the students’ best. Ask questions and gain insight after the lesson. Discover how your intuition can unfold and garner valuable insights to ignite the unique teacher in you.

MARY AS A MENTOR - A Look at everything!

Mary offers 1-1, MENTORING WEEKENDS, two full days, 14 hours, all focused on yourself! Entering and working on any and all of your issues, personal and professional with focused attention given to the deepest, often unattended unconscious part of your psyche. (PILATES PLUS PSYCHE)

Schedule early: Mary has a limited number of weekends available each year.
MENTORING FOR ONE DAY with Mary can be scheduled for a teacher who lives near enough to be able to return easily.

Mary occasionally mentors two or a small group of 3-4 but she prefers a client to experience 1-1 mentoring for the depth of focused work on oneself that it provides.
MENTORING FOR THREE HOURS, HALF A DAY for those who cannot come for more.
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Mary enjoys lecturing and entertaining as an historian of Pilates (58 years living Pilates - 6 of them studying with Joe and Clara themselves)! She presents a 3 CEC course calling it “AN EVENING WITH MARY BOWEN AND THE HISTORY OF PILATES.”

(This course is usually offered on an evening when Mary travels to give a 3-5 days of privates and workshop in the U.S. or abroad. It is usually preceded by light refreshments.)